Project Drawdown

An inconvenient truth about higher education today is that courses related to climate change can be depressing—for both students and instructors. Scientific research has given us the tools to define problems and build knowledge on an unprecedented scale. But all too often when teaching, we miss opportunities to take the next step of identifying “real world” strategies that can help solve complex problems such as climate change and inspire students to take action.

Project Drawdown is a global nonprofit organization working to identify strategies that can reverse global warming. In Fall 2018, NCSE launched a new partnership with Project Drawdown. The work is based on the 2017 book Drawdown, which catalogs 100 comprehensive, pragmatic solutions utilizing existing technologies and knowledge.

The NCSE and Project Drawdown joint initiative seeks to:

  • Make the solutions outlined in Drawdown more accessible to faculty and administrators in higher education.

  • Translate the 100 solutions outlined in Drawdown into curriculum templates that can be used across disciplines on college and university campuses.

  • Fit curriculum templates into existing courses or form the foundation of an entirely new course if a course related to this initiative does not exist at a college or university campus.

If you have questions regarding the Project Drawdown initiative, please contact Erica Goldman at