Past and Future Conferences

Future Conferences

2020 Annual Conference: Science in Environmental Decision-Making
January 6–9, 2020
Omni Shoreham, Washington, D.C.

Past Conferences and Resources

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2019 Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience
January 7–10, 2019   

18th National Conference and Global Forum: The Science Business, and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure
January 23–25, 2018

17th National Conference and Global Forum: Integrating Environment and Health
January 24–26, 2017

16th National Conference and Global Forum: Food-Energy-Water Nexus
January 19–21, 2016

15th National Conference and Global Forum: Energy and Climate Change
January 27–29, 2015

14th National Conference and Global Forum: Building Climate Solutions
January 28–30, 2014

13th National Conference: Disasters and Environment
January 15–17, 2013

12th National Conference: Environment and Security
January 18–20, 2012

11th National Conference: Our Changing Oceans
January 19–21, 2011

10th National Conference: The New Green Economy
January 20–22, 2010

9th National Conference: Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing World
December 8–10, 2008

8th National Conference: Climate Change: Science and Solutions
January 16–18, 2008

7th National Conference: Integrating Environmental and Human Health
February 1–2, 2007

6th National Conference: Energy for a Sustainable and Secure Future
January 26–27, 2006

5th National Conference: Forecasting Environmental Changes
February 3–4, 2005

4th National Conference: Water for a Sustainable and Secure Future
January 29–30, 2004

3rd National Conference: Education for a Sustainable and Secure Future
January 30–31, 2003

2nd National Conference: Sustainable Communities: Science and Solutions
December 6–7, 2001

1st National Conference: Improving the Scientific Basis for Environmental Decision-Making
December 7–8, 2000
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