Commitment to Sustainability

NCSE is committed to hosting sustainable meetings and events. We work closely with our venues and partners to include sustainable and green practices in their work. Attendees also play a part in keeping our meeting green. See the tips below on how you can contribute to our commitment to sustainability. If you have suggestions on how to improve our sustainable initiatives, please contact

NCSE Initiatives

  • Meeting room signs are reused year after year to reduce waste and cost. 
  • Only vegetarian meals are served during the conference for events including those taking place offsite.
  • No disposable plates, cups, or cutlery are used during the conference.
  • NCSE requires the hotel to remove all plastic water bottles from hotel sleeping rooms.  
  • Public water is made available in all meeting rooms.
  • NCSE selects meeting venues that are accessible by public transportation.
  • The final program is printed at a certified green printer in the D.C. area.

Carbon Offset Program

NCSE recognizes that travel to the Annual Conference is a large contributor to the overall carbon footprint of the event. In an effort to reduce emissions, NCSE has created a donation structure to help offset the carbon footprint from the meeting and our attendees' travel. We ask you to consider donating to this program. All donations will go to Natural Capital Partners. You can donate to the Carbon Offset Program through Registration.

Acre Amazonian Rainforest REDD+ Portfolio, Brazil

90% of Brazil’s Acre state is forested, but current rates of destruction mean by 2030 this could decline to 65%. This collection of three projects aims to prevent deforestation across 105,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the Amazon basin, protecting some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats. With the support of carbon finance, the projects work with communities and local groups to help protect ecosystem services while providing alternative models of economic development which avoid destruction of the forest. Learn more.

What Can You Do?

Attendees can play a part in reducing waste and carbon initiatives.

  • Bring a water bottle to fill up at the stations in the conference location instead of purchasing plastic water bottles. 
  • Take public transportation to and from the conference location.
  • Take advantage of linen reuse programs and don't request clean linens each day.
  • Give to the Carbon Offset Program during registration.

Omni Shoreham Initiatives

Below are actions taken by the Omni Shoreham to reduce their impact at our event. Learn more.

  • Printing on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Being a “styrofoam-free” environment.
  • Offering leftover and excess food items to local food banks and shelters.
  • Considering local food purveyors when feasible to reduce the carbon footprint of the culinary options – a “farm-to-table” approach.
  • Utilizing more energy and water efficient and ecologically-friendly laundry processes.
  • Converting to more energy efficient lighting options in targeted ways.
  • Reminding associates to turn off unused lights and reduce HVAC usage.
  • Installing energy efficient systems in all new buildings and all property updates and renovations.
  • Creating natural herb gardens with native plants.
  • Working with vendors and partners to reduce our carbon footprint for procurement activities.
  • Creating green roofs.
  • Planting trees for major milestones and celebrations.
  • Offering filtered water in pitchers for meetings instead of water bottles.
  • Serving water only on request in restaurants and bars.