Michelle Wyman

Executive Director

Michelle Wyman is the executive director at NCSE. She has worked on energy and environmental policy with states and local governments for over 15 years, developing strategic and tactical solutions to their energy planning, climate mitigation, and adaptation challenges. Before joining NCSE, she served as the director of intergovernmental affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy. She founded Applied Solutions-Local Governments Building a Clean Economy and led ICLEI USA, both of which are nonprofits engaging directly with cities, counties, and states on clean energy, environmental, and sustainability issues. She has served in a wide variety of leadership capacities including with the World Bank and the United Nations. She was natural resources director for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, and established a public sector practice focused on the environment and sustainable development working with states, local governments, and related national nonprofits based in Washington, D.C.