Engagement With Purpose

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NCSE 2020 provided spaces for people to connect and collaborate, to engage and leave with a new sense for the convergence between the communities of scientists and decision-makers.

The Experience Wall

NCSE debuted our first Experience Wall at NCSE 2020. The Experience Wall provided a physical space for attendees to share real-time feedback, thoughts, and reactions to conference proceedings. Located just outside the main plenary room, attendees were encouraged to respond to target prompts about their conference experience:

  • Share a must hear idea from a breakout you attended. 
  • How might science help solve today's biggest challenges?
  • What might the NCSE community do together that we couldn't do separately?
  • If you had five minutes with a political leader, what is one thing you would ask them to address? Why? Why now?

Participants responded to these questions on sticky notes and then Karina Branson of ConverSketch translated the words into images. The Experience Wall also provided a place for attendees to come together to discuss with each other and react to the major themes represented on the Experience Wall. See more of Karina's work from NCSE 2020.

NCSE 2020 experience wall
The NCSE 2020 Experience Wall by Karina Branson. Click image to view larger. 

Unique and Interactive Displays

NCSE 2020 also featured several unique and interactive displays that engaged attendees in a variety of ways.

Poster from Institute for Science & Policy about climate change solutions

The Denver Museum of Science and Nature’s Institute for Science and Policy hosted a “pop up” exhibit, Uncommon Dialogue. Through engagement and recorded interviews, conference attendees had an opportunity to discuss the spectrum of climate idealism to climate pragmatism, identifying where they fall along that spectrum. 

Presentation at the Decision Theater: Group of people in front of several presentation screens

Arizona State University set up a mobile version of the Decision Theater, an approach that organizes researchers, policymakers, and the business community to better understand and explore solutions to complex issues using data analytics and high-performance computing to drive software-integrated models. 

Person from NASA presenting in front of a map of the world

NASA displayed the “Hyperwall,” a multi-screen data visualization theater that highlights awe-inspiring visuals created by NASA scientists. 

Earth as Art display

The “Earth as Art” exhibit from the U.S. Geological Survey showcased satellite images of Earth landscapes in creative combinations of visible and infrared light.


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