Poster Presentation: Heavy Metal Pollution In Tibbetts Brook In The Bronx, New York City

Tibbetts Brook is a stream flowing north to south from the city of Yonkers into the borough of the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park. Heavy metal contamination and accumulation is a serious problem in bodies of water, especially those in urban areas, due to abundant sources of toxins, non-biodegradable properties, and accumulative behavior of heavy metals. This study determines the contamination levels of heavy metal concentrations in the Tibbetts Brook. In partnering with The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park Organization, nine different sites were chosen for this study. The sites were selected to include pipe outfalls entering the lake, the weir where the lake’s outflow enters the sewer system, and a pipe that drains a salt pile north in the park. One upstream and one downstream site were designated to see the change in parameters across the distance of the stream. The research project highlights the importance of river & stream pollution in urban setting, in the context of determining the various ways that the human population affects our environment.


  • Tatianna Peralta, Student Researcher, Manhattan College