Poster Presentation: Groundwater Governance And Outreach In The Ogallala Aquifer Region

Water is critical to the High Plains region. The Ogallala Aquifer is the largest aquifer in North America, one of the most intensively used water resources in the world, and the lifeline to agriculture on the High Plains. The region is highly varied in it's agricultural landscape, economy, and hydrology ranging from Nebraska to the panhandle of Texas. My research has been contingent on interviewing producers who have been leaders in water conservation, their decision making, and challenges they have faced. My research has also consisted of perspectives of industry representatives, academic researchers, as well as that of local and state government officials. Through exploring from these stakeholders both the unity and dissonance in perceived challenges in water conservation which producers face, and how legislative framework and current research intersect, I've gained significant insight to challenges of groundwater management on the High Plains.


  • Hannah Moshay, M.S., Masters Student, Tufts University