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The backbone of NCSE’s programmatic work is its institutional members: four-year and two-year colleges and universities who collaborate with NCSE to advance opportunities that accelerate the impact and importance that science plays in environmental decision-making. See a list of current members.

University Affiliate Program

The NCSE University Affiliate Program is a network that includes more than 100 leading universities and colleges at the forefront of science and environmental education, research, and policy that are dedicated to advancing the field of interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education in higher education and its role in environmental policy-making.

The NCSE University Affiliate Program engages four-year universities across the country to provide them with new research and resources; create forums for inter-institutional collaborations to advance their professional, departmental, and institutional goals; and connect them with a broader community of researchers, funding organizations, and decision-makers.

Community College Alliance for Sustainability Education

The NCSE Community College Alliance for Sustainability Education (CCASE) is a network of community college leaders from across the United States representing schools dedicated to the growth and ongoing improvement of environmental education and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

Through NCSE, CCASE engages two-year and associate degree-granting institutions by providing new research and resources; creating forums for inter-institutional collaboration to advance professional, community-oriented, and institutional goals; and fostering connections with a broader community of researchers, funding organizations, and decision-makers.

Current Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary registrations to the NCSE Annual Conference

  • In-person Summer and Winter Member Meetings for members to discuss shared challenges and form collaborative, strategic, and responsive solutions, as well as to lead on the advancement of environmental and sustainability education

  • Data analysis and reports on national trends in environmental and sustainability education and research

  • Participation in Communities of Practices, technical working groups that support and amplify education, research, and analysis from higher education institutions

  • Four-year universities: Representation on NCSE’s Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD), the leadership organization advancing the quality and effectiveness of interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education and scholarship nationwide

  • Two-year universities: Representation on CCASE and input in the NCSE Community College Handbook for Sustainability Education and Operations

  • Access to NCSE’s network of influencers of policy-makers and influential leaders across scientific and academic societies, government at all levels, and the private sector

  • Participation in NCSE Science and Policy Events, including the NCSE Annual Conference, the Academic-Federal Dialogue, and Science Communication Training

  • Exclusive communications for members: the weekly e-newsletter NCSE Member News & Exchange, the monthly NCSE Policy Pathways, and access to a members-only email list

Membership Dues

University Affiliate Program

Student Enrollment Annual Membership Dues
< 1,500 $1,500
1,500 - 6,499 $3,000
6,500 - 10,999 $5,000
> 11,000 $7,500

Community College Alliance for Sustainability Education

Number of Campuses Annual Membership Dues
Single campus $1,500
2 campuses $2,500
3 campuses $3,250
4 campuses $4,000
5 campuses $4,500
6 campuses $5,000
7 campuses $5,250

Please contact Kate Ceste, Member Communications and Engagement Officer, for additional information or to become an NCSE member.